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TOC Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies (Volume 2, 2021)

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest special issue of the Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies (Volume 2, 2021). Special issue on youth and a spotlight on Jaroslav Průšek, young Taiwanese voters, the recent German China discourse, book reviews, and the list of PhDs in Sinology/China Studies defended in European institutions in 2020. All articles are open access. We thank our authors and peer-reviewers for their work!

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JEACS vol. 2 (2021): Youth



Bart Dessein, Alison Hardie, Sascha Klotzbücher, Frank Kraushaar, Alexis Lycas, and Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik

Springtime of Life: Youth in Chinese History



Research Articles

Giulia Falato

Growing up in the Inner Chambers in late Tang Times: Moral Duties and Social Expectations




Mariia Guleva

How to Deal With a Good Child? Prescribed Normality in Images of Children and Child-Adult Relations in Manhua Magazine, 1950-1960




Sofia Graziani 

Between Chinese youth and the Party: The Communist Youth League’s Revival and Adjustments in the Early Post-Mao Era




Helmut Opletal 

The 1978-1981 Democracy Wall Movement and the Reformists in the Communist Party Leadership

1978-1981 年的民主牆運動與毛澤東離世後中共高層的改革派



Olga Lomová 

Jaroslav Průšek (1906–1980): A Man of his Time and Place

生逢其時, 身歷其境:記漢學家雅羅斯拉夫·普實克 (1906-1980)



Ming-sho Ho 何明修

Taiwan’s Fiercely Democratic Young Voters




Andreas Fulda

The Chinese Communist Party’s Hybrid Interference and Germany's Increasingly Contentious China Debate (2018-21)



Book Reviews

Huiyi Wu 吳蕙儀

Noël Golvers, Johann Schreck Terrentius, SJ, His European Network and the Origins of the Jesuit Library in Peking



Joseph Ciaudo

Lilian Truchon, Évolution et Civilisation en Chine : Le darwinisme dans la culture politique chinoise



Johannes Preiser-Kapeller

Kai Vogelsang, China und Japan. Zwei Reiche unter einem Himmel. Eine Geschichte der sino-japanischen Kulturbeziehungen.



Bart Dessein

Laozi. Dao De Jing. Illustrated by C. C. Tsai. Foreword by Pico Iyer


List of PhDs Defended at European Institutions in 2020 



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