Les ex-voto en Autriche

Une source pour l’histoire des accouchements


  • Marie-France Morel




Ex-votos, Childbirth, Maternal mortality, Divine intervention, Folk art


Ex-votos, votive offerings made in gratitude for divine intervention, provide a unique window into the experiences and beliefs surrounding childbirth in European folk culture. Through a study of ex-votos from various regions and time periods, this article examines the portrayal of childbirth complications, maternal mortality, and the survival of infants in the face of adversity. These votive objects, often depicting dramatic scenes of childbirth and its aftermath, reflect the deep religious faith and reliance on divine intervention among families in distress. Despite the tragic outcomes depicted, ex-votos serve as expressions of gratitude and hope, illustrating the enduring belief in the power of prayer and divine protection in times of crisis.




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Morel, M.-F. (2022) “Les ex-voto en Autriche: Une source pour l’histoire des accouchements”, Avisos de Viena. Vienna, Austria, 4, pp. 35–54. doi: 10.25365/adv.2022.4.7523.