Ein Fenster in die Vergangenheit

Kirchenregister im Spanien des 19. Jahrhunderts und was sie uns zeigen





Kirchenregister, Spanien, 19. Jahrhundert, Ávila, historical research, church registers, societal norms, family dynamics, preservation


Research aiming to decode the past relies on those valuing present preservation. Early paintings and writings, sheltered from weather, endured millennia, offering insights into ancient lives. Church, a driver of documentation, valued precise records linked to religious rites. European church records noted sacraments, baptisms, and familial lineages, crucial for research. In-depth analysis of baptism, death, and marriage records from Spanish towns unveils insights into family dynamics. Despite challenges like missing pages or faded ink, church registers offer valuable historical insights. Baptismal records from Pedro Bernardo reveal societal norms, while those from Sotillo de la Adrada showcase changing traditions. Church registers serve as a timeline of societal changes, invaluable for researchers. Bridging baptismal, death, and marriage records with civil registers enriches historical understanding. Church registers are vital for reconstructing family histories and understanding societal shifts over time.




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Plunger, W. (2024) “Ein Fenster in die Vergangenheit: Kirchenregister im Spanien des 19. Jahrhunderts und was sie uns zeigen”, Avisos de Viena. Vienna, Austria, 6, pp. 124–128. doi: 10.25365/adv.2024.6.8526.