Conventos: refugio de mujeres divorciadas tras el Concilio de Trento




Spain, divorce, convents, women, societal attitudes


The article examines the historical context and societal attitudes toward divorce in Spain, focusing on the period from the 16th to the 18th centuries. It traces the evolution of divorce laws from the early prohibition influenced by the Catholic Church to the introduction of legal provisions allowing for separation of property and cohabitation cessation. Through archival research, it sheds light on the experiences of women who sought divorce and found refuge in convents, highlighting their social status and familial backgrounds. The study underscores the prevalence of convents as a sanctuary for secular women, including divorcees, and explores potential interactions between them and nuns within convent settings. Overall, it illuminates the complex dynamics of divorce, gender roles, and religious institutions in early modern Spanish society.




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Intxaustegi Jauregi , N. J. (2022) “Conventos: refugio de mujeres divorciadas tras el Concilio de Trento”, Avisos de Viena. Vienna, Austria, 4, pp. 80–85. doi: 10.25365/adv.2022.4.7527.