¡Dime quién te trajo al mundo, y te diré quién eres!





Parish registers, Ethnic identity, Baptism, Parental role, Social hierarchy


Parish registers serve as rich repositories of demographic data and insights into ethnic identity formation during the 16th century. This study examines key entries in these registers, focusing on the role of parents in shaping ethnic identities. Baptism, a central sacrament in 16th-century Catholic life, emerges as pivotal, reflecting both religious ritual and social hierarchy. Analysis of parish records from the Viceroyalty of Peru reveals how parental involvement in baptism ceremonies not only affirmed religious participation but also delineated social and economic boundaries within a multiracial society shaped by Spanish colonialism. The absence or presence of parents during baptism ceremonies carried significant implications for the racial classification and social positioning of individuals, underscoring the intricate interplay between religious practice, social status, and ethnic identity in colonial Latin America.

Author Biography

Luis A. Moreno Príncipe, University of Vienna

Universität Wiena




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Moreno Príncipe, L. A. (2022) “¡Dime quién te trajo al mundo, y te diré quién eres!”, Avisos de Viena. Vienna, Austria, 4, pp. 29–34. doi: 10.25365/adv.2022.4.7522.