About the Journal

About the Journal


Journal format and access

Founded in 2020, Interdisciplinary Egyptology is committed to publishing high-quality research in a timely and accessible manner. IntEg is published by Egyptologists, for Egyptologists and interested readers. The entire editorial team, including the Editorial Board, section editors, editorial assistants and reviewers, works on a voluntary basis.

The journal is:

  • Double-blind peer reviewed
  • Free to publish
  • Open Access immediately upon publication
  • Digital/online format
  • Published on a rolling basis, annually. This means that once an article is accepted and finalised for publication it will be available immediately. However, at the end of each year, all articles that have been published throughout the year will be collated into a single annual issue (available immediately online).
  • Published in colour
  • Fully indexed online with bibliographic integration and a unique DOI for each article
  • Aiming for an impact factor! Read more here!
  • A non-profit journal and is published independently by academics who are current researchers within the discipline.

Special Editions and Invited Contributions

In certain cases, particularly (but not exclusively) in the case of special editions, the Editorial Board may ask an author for a contribution; this is considered an Invited Contribution (although still subject to peer review) and will be designated as such in the publication.


Copyright is under a creative commons with attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) license.