Editorial Team

Editorial Board


  • Prof. Dr. E. Christiana Köhler


  • Dr. Aaron M. de Souza
  • Dr. Amber G. E. Hood

Editorial Board Members

  • Dr. Yasmin El Shazly
  • Prof. Nadine Moeller
  • Prof. Paul Nicholson

Production and Communications

Assistant Editorial Team members

  • Editorial Assistant – Dr. Susan Kelly
  • Editorial Assistant  – Ms. Hope Gillespie
  • Editorial Assistant  – Mr. John Rogers
  • Editorial Assistant  – Ms. Luiza Silva
  • Translator – Ms. Habiba Hussein El-Tayeb
  • Translator – Ms. Fatma Mohamed Amin

Communications Team

  • Social Media Manager – Ms. Louise O'Brien
  • Visual Communications Assistant – Ms. Raquel Novais
  • Events Manager – Mr. Jorge Coelho de Jesus

Section Editors

Archaeological Method and Theory — Dr. Christian Knoblauch

  • Archaeological Science — Dr. Amber G. E. Hood
  • Architecture — Dr. Franck Monnier
  • Art History — Dr. Alex Woods
  • Bioarchaeology — Dr. Mennat-Allah El Dorry
  • Gender Theory — Dr. Leire Olabarria
  • Historiography & Museology — Dr. Alice Stevenson
  • Western Asian & Mediterranean Interconnections — Dr. Felix Höflmayer
  • Material Culture — Dr. Aaron M. de Souza
  • African Interconnections — Dr. Maria Gatto
  • Challenging Colonialist Paradigms — Dr. Aaron M. de Souza
  • Project Reports — Dr. Anna Stevens
  • Text-based Approaches — Dr. Camilla Di Biase-Dyson
  • Theoretical Approaches — Dr. Marcelo Campagno

IntEg's three founding members are Prof. Christiana Köhler, Dr. Amber Hood and Dr. Aaron de Souza, who together founded the journal in 2020.

Please keep in mind we are independent, and are offering a free-to-publish, fully peer-reviewed, fully Open Access service. All of this is possible because we have an amazing team of editors who are all professional Egyptologists who are volunteering their time to bring this service to you. We all believe in the spirit of and need for a journal like IntEg in our field.

Our vision is simple: we want high-quality research to be published in Egyptology freely, quickly, and available to everyone directly upon publication. We believe the sky is the limit and are aiming for IntEg to be one of the most cited and accessible journals in Egyptology.