Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a paper now?

Yes! Submissions are now open! Please see our Author Tools  to register as an authors and also to download the Author Guidelines & Style Guide as well as the relevant template.

Impact factor:

Yes, we will apply to be registered for an Impact Factor. The 3 co-founders believe this is important and from the moment we first spoke about launching a journal it was a goal for us. However, it’s a long road to an impact factor! We have to have consistent output that adheres to specific standard for at least 3 years before we can even apply. So getting an impact factor will be a team effort that includes all of you too! We need you to support the journal, showing how great it can be by submitting your publications. That way, together, we can work towards obtaining an impact factor! 

You can read more about applying for an impact factor here.


Yes, DOIs will be assigned to all articles and the journal will be fully indexed online. This will make your research highly visible and searchable.

Online Indexing:

IntEg will have full Google Scholar Indexing. Your article will be searchable on and appear on Google Scholar very soon after publication (which will also help towards your i10- and H-indices!). 


Yes, IntEg has an ISSN.

Are you a registered journal?:

We will be shortly - as a new journal we have to fulfil certain criteria to be considered a registered journal, but we expect to achieve this status by April/May 2022.


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