„Homosexueller Charakter“ und der „Schutz der übrigen Buben“

Homosexualität und Heilpädagogik in Wien und Tirol im 20. Jahrhundert


  • Ina Friedmann Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Universität Innsbruck




Homosexuality, Therapeutic Pedagogy, Erwin Lazar, Hans Asperger, Maria Nowak-Vogl, 20th Century


Abstract: Homosexuality was hardly ever discussed in Austrian therapeutic pedagogy (Heilpädagogik) during the 20th century. In those cases where the topic was addressed, it appeared only in connection with the most rigid stereotypes. This paper examines the degree to which ascriptions of homosexuality were made and explores the ways in which the phenomenon was perceived by analyzing publications as well as patients’ records from the Ward for Therapeutic Pedagogy in Vienna and the Children’s Observation Ward in Innsbruck. Thus, regional similarities and differences concerning the gender and living circumstances of patients, the focus of the supposed manifestations of samesex orientation and the implementation of therapeutic measures are pointed out and located in contemporary discourses.





Friedmann, I. (2018). „Homosexueller Charakter“ und der „Schutz der übrigen Buben“: Homosexualität und Heilpädagogik in Wien und Tirol im 20. Jahrhundert. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften, 29(2), 59–85. https://doi.org/10.25365/oezg-2018-29-2-4