Ein Advokat als Vermittler zwischen Staat und Markt

Otto Ender, ein Fall für die Wirtschaftsgeschichte?

  • Peter Melichar vorarlberg museum, Bregenz
Schlagworte: Austria, Politics, Provincial Administration, Economic History, Tourism, Creditanstalt (CA)


As provincial governor of Vorarlberg and federal chancellor in 1930–31, Otto Ender had to tackle a number of tricky economic issues. They ranged from building up his province’s electricity supply to the near collapse of the Creditanstalt (CA), with its potentially disastrous ramifications for international finance. In principle, Ender preferred the state not to meddle with the economy, but in practice he often intervened in business affairs. The article shows that he justified such interventions as essentially defensive actions: the ‚good Christian people‘ had to be ‚protected‘ against the negative consequences of modernization.

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