Migrationsprozesse und Verortungen geflüchteter Menschen in Österreich

  • Katharina Auer-Voigtländer Ilse Arlt Institut für Soziale Inklusionsforschung, St. Pölten
Schlagworte: migration processes, refugees, Austria, new migration movements, case studies, biographical approach


On the basis of two case studies, this article analyses migration movements of refugees to and within Austria and arrival processes. The case studies form part of a broader research project analysing inclusion and exclusion processes of refugees within Austria from a social scientific biographical perspective. The author conceptualizes migration movements as part of individual history and everyday reality, reconstructing specific migration decisions in the context of their legal and structural frameworks. In order to contextualize the movements and processes biographically, the perspective of refugees is also considered. Examining their various cases provides insights into patterns of movement and locating processes. While conceptualizing (flight) migration as agency, the analysis draws attention to the limited scope of individual actions and decisions during the asylum process.

research paper