Differenz/Identität in Österreich

Zu Gesellschafts-, Politik- und Kulturgeschichte vor und nach 1945

  • Gerhard Botz Institut für Geschichte, Universität Salzburg
  • Albert Müller Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institut für Historische Sozialwissenschaft, Wien


The article discusses some problems of collective identities in Austria's contemporary history. The basic argument is, that persisting identities depend on the ability to establish difference, margins and distinctions against ,the other' and against ,history' as well. Some of the key-dates of Austrian history are analysed as ,abutments' of historical identities. The authors emphasize the basic role of social and political structures and the existence of moral and cultural entrepreneurship in the process of the construction and maintenance of (more or less) stabile identities. Bargaining for what ,Austrian' legitimately means became a more and more eminent element in that process.

research paper