Zwischen Konsumieren und Produzieren

Dinge und ihre Nutzer*innen im 18. Jahrhundert


  • Georg Stöger Universität Salzburg, Fachbereich Geschichte



prosumption, urban consumption, clothing, second-hand, recycling, materiality, household economy


Some scholars have argued that prosuming was a central element of everyday consumption before the nineteenth century. This view, however, is based on rather general assumptions that follow a simple modernist narrative, which suggests that prior to industrialisation households were largely self-sufficient and generally lacked market access. When considering sources such as ego-documents, inventories or account books, a more differentiated picture emerges: In eighteenth-century households, practices of prosuming could be found alongside the widespread use of non-domestic labourers. Decisions were made in a situative way and were often bound to the specific goods involved. Prosuming was more unlikely when tasks required specific skills and tools or when cheap labour was available.



Stöger, G. (2019). Zwischen Konsumieren und Produzieren: Dinge und ihre Nutzer*innen im 18. Jahrhundert. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften, 30(1), 124–143.